Customer Relationship Management

TuoTempo® is a comprehensive CRM suite, developed by our partner Tuotempo Srl, specifically designed to engage patients via self-service interactive software, automatic communication and multi-channel information campaigns. The solution is seamlessly integrated with the platform Mr-You Enterprise® and Self-Service 24h Kiosks.



  • Online reservations: online booking service optimized for PC and smartphones, totally configurable on 50 parameters directly managed by the user administrator.
  • Service communication: marketing automation service that enables to plan SMS, Email or push messages in relation to 14 standard events (eg memo recalls) with a configurable notice time or postponement options. It is possible also to process responses for events involving interaction with patients (eg. cancellations).
  • Self admissions: fast check-in using Self-Service 24h Kiosks, improving efficiency of admission procedures and queue management.
  • Online payments: with credit card or Paypal, the service is optimized for PC and smartphone.
  • Reports download: the service enables to download exam results and visits reports in compliance with the privacy regulation. It is also possible to retrieve the personal healthrecords and related documentation.
  • Marketing solutions: communication campaigns management and customer satisfaction surveys (via SMS, Email or push messages). User clustering features (eg +50 women visited once in the last 18 months, etc.).
  • App: iOS and Android support, with all self-service capabilities.
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