Customer Flow Management

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The MR-YOU Enterprise® system is the best in class solution in patients reception and waiting management for healthcare facilities, supporting end-to-end the whole patient journey. More than 420 installations and 16 million patient accesses per year makes it the leading healthcare CFM platform in Italy.
  • Complete, integrated and scalable
  • Maximizes efficiency and productivity
  • Capable to manage single or multiple structures at the same time
  • Also available on cloud computing architecture
  • Manages both hardware and software

Open Architecture - Allows easy integration with legacy systems used in hospitals and healthcare structures. Provides business intelligence features through a web accessible terminal for data warehouse, reporting, charts and multidimensional dashboards.

Artexe Self-Service 24h Kiosks pairing - Allows to identify patients with health insurance cards or other IDs, enabling self-admission procedures and other key services like payments and medical reports retrieval. Kiosks intregration generates measurable benefits in terms of resources and timetable optimization.

Artexe SaaS solution ZEROCODA® - The system is seamlessly integrated with Zerocoda, a web-based booking platform for direct access to "1st level" services (laboratory tests, infopoint, reception). Patients can choose the location, day and time of the appointment from PCs or smartphones and then access the service directly, skipping admission queues. Zerocoda allows to optimize appointments time allocation, minimizing waiting times and reducing crowding levels in reception rooms.

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  • Emergency room: the best-in- class system in Italy for the informed waiting of patients and carers. Queue management, real-time updates on overcrowding and on the various stages of the patient’s clinical treatment steps. Management of multimedia information campaigns.
  • Surgeries: management of reception and surgery calls, following the working lists of medics in charge. Possibility of integration and centralization at the stage of admittance directly at the reception desk office. Full compliance to privacy regulation. All events are recorded and stored for statistical analysis on total waiting times.
  • Administrative desk : optimized management of desk workload and queues. Ability to manage multiple branches and services, with sophisticated logic of services priority. Single events recording of desk activities vs. arrivals and full data history availability.
  • Samples collecting centres: integrated computerized management of waiting lines from acceptance through queuing up to calls. Management of patient calls directly from the bed with small touch-screen consoles in full respect of privacy.
  • Digital signage: multimedia management platform for full-screen contents with integrated layouts for different monitors. Way-finding inside the hospital facility, helping patients and visitors with information about services and surgeries location.
  • Directory: way-finding for the hospital to reach information about services or the surgeries location. It is possible to print the information to reach the destination.
  • Business intelligence: supports decision making through the analysis of performance data recorded by MR-You Enterprise®. Web accessible complete system of data warehouse, reporting, charts and multidimensional dashboard. Model of KPI based on best practices.
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