ICT in Healthcare Innovation Award 2015

Artexe technology was in two projects finalists for the category “Management of the relationship with the citizen”

During the ICT in Healthcare Innovation Award 2015promoted by Politecnico di Milano, Artexe reaffirmed its leadership in Italy regarding innovation in Healthcare industry:

1° place Fiaso Award for the project “Prelievo amico” at A.O.U. di Careggi Florence

2° place Digital Innovation Award for the project “Totem self-service 24h” at A.O.Desio e Vimercate


Artexe, technological partner of Telecom Italy, has designed and built a system able to book online times access times that guarantee the cancellation of waiting times. The user, through the website of the hospital, the mobile application (Smart Hospital) or totems placed at the entrance of the waiting room has the option of receiving their booking confirmation both email and SMS.

In a few weeks it moved from 30 daily reservations made on-line to 100 and in a few months the number of people booked with “PRELIEVO AMICO” is more than 5,000 with significant reduction in expectations for the person making the direct access.​


The Hospital of Desio and Vimercate installed two SELF-SERVICE AREA where it’s possible BOOKING EXAMS, PRINTING REPORTS and PAYING with ATM card OR credit card.

Just a few months after installation the results are more than encouraging: over 500 reports distributed every day, 15,000 payments and 7,500 reservations per year, 8,000 hours per year of waiting time saved from citizens, reduction of more than 10% of requests made at the counters.

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