Artexe designs and releases the summer 2013 App

Health information and services for tourists and residents of eastern Veneto

In August, at the presence of Veneto Region President Luca Zaia, was presented the application that delivers a qualified health care to tourists on vacation.

"Holidays in health" is a "tourist tailored" free app, designed for the well-being and health of vacationers. Available on smartphones in 3 languages, it is available on the App Store and Google Play. The application, advertised on website, posters and leaflets , offers a wide range of useful information for tourists and residents of the towns of Bibione, Caorle, Eraclea and Jesolo.

This year, all the tourists visiting the many seaside resorts in ULSS10 (the local Healthcare administrative territory), will just need a few touches on their smartphone to find the pharmacy on duty and its opening hours, the nearest health facility, the phone numbers of emergency medical service, health advice and much more. In addition to the information in real time, it is possible to geo-localize the services, finding on the map the fastest route to reach the requested destination. An App simple to navigate and extremely appealing.

With this app, in addition to the one already presented in June by ULSS14 for the area of Chioggia, Artexe becomes a key reference company in Italy for this type of innovative applications, including, besides the technical aspects, also content creation and communication to the citizen.

"With us you will enjoy safe holidays," said Chairman Luca Zaia "it must be clear to everybody. Therefore, we must promote with more strength and convinction our qualities." "Health security is the brand of our beaches".
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