Innovative digital services in healthcare: Maps Group invests in Artexe

The information technology enterprise based in Parma enters the capital of the Milan company specialized in reception services and queue management for healthcare facilities

Milan, september 3, 2018

With a capital increase of 2 millions and the transfer of controlled company IG Consulting s.r.l., the Parma software solutions provider has created an enterprise among the top players in reception services for hospitals, reaching a sales value of 6 millions . Maps Group was assisted in the operation by Thymos Business & Consulting.

Artexe is the leader in Italy in developing innovative technological solutions for healthcare facilities, with special focus on reception services and queuing management solutions. This operation aims to create an ICT company specialized in the healthcare sector, with and industrial plan exceeding 3 millions in three years and the opening to international markets.

Maps Group wants to grow the new entity, that will keep the name Artexe, through new investments, a new industrial plan and a vision for the future, foreseeing the emergence of new actors in the national healthcare market and profound changes in the ones present today, towards a more efficient and patient centered healthcare industry.

FotoMapsArtexeIn this view, each patient is not simply a sick individual, but a person, who is going to be more and more the center of the course of care. This paradigm shift entails to adapt management patterns in the relationship between patients and healthcare providers, with a greater attention on quality and timing of healthcare services.

The mission of this new entity will be to provide technological support and knowledge to healthcare providers, in order to enable their transformation into data-driven sustainable organizations capable to manage human centered patient relations.

Artexe will take advantage of Maps experience in R&D, management and sales, upgrading offered services with consultancy and technology, in particular with data analysis (semantic, AI) and support systems for communications and governance, reinforcing its position as a key player in the Italian market.

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