A new life for San Carlo Nancy Hospital in Rome

Artexe introduces innovative solutions for patient reception services in the capital city within the project of renovation and reorganization of the Hospital


Carlo NancyThe “Ospedale San Carlo di Nancy” was founded in  1932 on via Aurelia, not far from the Vatican, and it has a capacity of 15.000 inpatient per year.  An important process of renovation and reorganization has been implemented since May 2015 by the GVM Care & Research new management, that will enable the relaunch of the hospital with an investment of 30 million Euro.

Following a long established and successful collaboration with GVM group, Artexe   participated actively to the requalification process offering its best in class solutions for patients reception and queue management.  In particular, the Milan based company has created a reception system integrated with the queue management of the specialised labs and radiology departments. 

The counters Self-Service24h positioned in the new reception area at the entrance, enable patients to perform in one step the admission and payment procedures, without needing any assistance or having to queue up at the desks.  Just in the first month of adoption, the payment services have been used by 200 patients, with relevant benefits on service quality and time saving. 

To complete the solution it has been installed an innovative Audio Digital Signage, based on the technology of directional sound, that sends the message in a predetermined area in the waiting room, in order to avoid any disturbance to people outside.

At the opening event of the new reception area, the president of Regione Lazio Nicola Zingaretti commented that “ San Carlo di Nancy is a structure  of excellence,  part of the healthcare renaissance in Lazio.   It stems also from the positive  encounter with a modern and intelligent entrepreneurship, that invests on quality and most of all on something very important to me: the humanization of healthcare and the centrality of patients.”

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