In Vicenza the new Self-Service area becomes reality

Artexe brings the eHealth 2.0 in ULSS 6 Vicenza districts

Artexe, technological partner of Telecom Italy, has provided to ULSS 6 Vicenza, 5 Self-Service 24h Kiosks, specifically engineered to Artexe® for the supply of services for the Health, which will enable users to take advantage of a series of Self-service, 24 hours over 24, 7 days a week.

A few weeks ago, electronic payments have been activated, so patients can regularize their accounts through the use of major credit and debit cards without having to queue at the administrative offices.

In a second phase, scheduled for the end of the month, will also be enabled to function for releasing the lab reports both through the printer or saving them on common USB pendrive. The self-service kiosk are designed to increase the range of services offered to citizens, improving effectively the experience and the relationship with the administration. In this view, in the next few months, it will be enabled a function to booking the visits directly from the self-service 24h Kiosks. In addition, it will be possible to access to the ZeroCodaLab service - innovative service active for a long time at the ULSS 6 - which allows citizens to reduce waiting times to access the direct services. The extention of such service on self-service kiosks will also allow citizens who do not have smartphones or a home internet connection to access the benefits of this service.

These innovative tools, as well as reducing the workload for the front office operators and reset the waiting time for users, create a network (thanks to the ability to be located throughout the area), available 24/7, which greatly improves the service perceived quality offered by the ULSS and, at the same time, place the healthcare company as a beanchmark at national level on issues such as eHealth and multichannel relationship with the citizens.

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