Thanks to Artexe® collect the reports at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan is quick and easy

Collect the reports of laboratory examinations is now even easier and faster at San Raffaele.

At the “Galleria delle Botteghe" (Sector R, floor -1), externally to the 'Reports distribution Office', are now two Artexe® totems that allow printing autonomously the laboratory examinations reports in a few simple actions.

It is enough healthcare card and paper for collect of the report. The screens that appear on the totem guide the user precisely.
The operation begins with the identification of health card's microchip or, if this is not present on the card, with a optical reading of the barcode. Once the totem recognized the patient, it requires code verification protocol, a small bar code on the top right of the sheet reports, to pass on the optical drive. At this point it is possible to select whether to print directly exam results on paper or, alternatively load them as pdf on a USB pen drive. The totems are operating 24 hours on 24, every day to meet the needs of patients that can not always go to the hospital during the opening of the counters. The process takes only a few seconds and completely eliminates waiting times.

Only few weeks since the introduction of the totem the results are excellent, most of the reports are delivered through this new channel and the number of reports self service collected is growing. It is estimated that by the end of the year, when volumes have stabilized, a resource of the 'Reports distribution Office' will be reallocated to higher added value activities.

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