Vertical solutions

Artexe vertical solutions are the best available on the market today to manage more effectively the reception in different areas: from Emergency Room to Front Office, to Samples Wtihdrawal Ambulatory, to Clinics, managing also different specificities such as the Radiology path, admissions or Day Hospital. All solutions are integrated and scalable with the goal of making the reception process more efficient

  • The Artexe proposal for the management of the reception process at front office level provides that citizens waiting for their turn can comfortably wait for their call, performed through a virtual terminal and displayed on monitors located in the halls. At each call, the patient is notified by a beep and a pop-up indicating the called number and where to go for the service. Monitors can display sliding text and are Web 2.0 enabled (eg, rss news, weather forecasts, etc..). The management of the process is fully automated and can integrate with all advanced digital services like Artexe Mobile Services and Web Interactive Digital Systems: multifunctional totem for interactive services such as "find your ward" self check-in, POS/credit card payments, prescription scanning, print of reports in A4, and others;
  • The Artexe proposal for access management to clinics provides health care personnel with real time notifications of patients admittance and enables medics to call-in for new visits . The clinic operator can update the estimated time for each visit and convey this information on the monitors located in the waiting rooms. Calls made by medics are displayed on the monitors and patients are informed of the call via a pop-up graphic and a beep. The whole process is integrated with all other departments of the healthcare structure and can be effectively optimized with all Artexe services.
  • The Artexe proposal for the admission process in radiology provides integration with leading RIS (Radiology Information System) on the market today, allowing the operator to use a single interface. The process can be optimized greatly improving the patient wait and avoiding unnecessary steps. The whole process is integrated with all other departments of the healthcare structure and can be effectively optimized with all Artexe services.
  • Also this process is provided by Artexe solutions that help the administrative staff using different priorities allocation criteria and differentiating possible services. The patient "accepted" can move on to the next rooms for samples withdrawals. Monitors make the call more pleasant and clear. This process can be streamlined and made more functional to the different needs, further reducing waiting times and managing reception also in mobile mode or on the web, directly from PC and / or smartphone.
  • The Artexe solution for the Emergency Room is now considered the standard in the market. The module enables managing both the patient and the carer allowing the medical staff to call the patient and possibly also the carer through a simple terminal. The module gives also the opportunity to give visitors information concerning the status of their loved ones and the degree of crowding of the department. The project provides for a system of communication based on an extensively tested platform, delivering a number of benefits that can be summarized as follows:

    Strict compliance to Privacy rules and better organization
    Better communication with patients and carers
    Organizational support for Healthcare Professionals
    Support for the co-ordinators monitoring the queues

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