First place again in the category “Relationship with the citizen”

During the presentation of the Healthcare Digital Research Centre Innovation of the Politecnico di Milano, an Artexe solution we were once again rewarded, confirming our leading position in Italy regarding to digital technologies in support of the relationship with the citizen, particularly in the management of the reception processes and waitings in healthcare industry.

The Laboratorio Analisi Valdès of Cagliari won the 2016 Digital Innovation Award in Health thanks to Zerocoda® project developed in collaboration with Artexe.

 The ZeroCoda® project allows to reset the waiting time for both the administrative  reception (queue management I level) and for the call direct to the laboratory box  (queue management level II).

 The system, managed on cloud platform, allows to book the acceptance by the  institutional website, choosing the exact date and time when access to the structure,  thus ensuring immediate access to the administrative offices.

From the same web site it’s possible to access to a list of about 700 bookable exams and simultaneously payable (via credit card or Paypal) so the user can arrive directly to the box laboratory on the day and time scheduled.

Another innovative service allows to book online and also pay a sample to be made at home, thus eliminating the time to reach the structure, the risks associated with it in addition to protecting users with mobility impairments.

The service has had since the beginning a great consensus among citizens in terms utilization, with over 500 bookings in the first three months of 2016, both in terms of satisfaction. The time needed to serve customers with online booking is 10 minutes and was cleared the time needed access to the amministrative counters, resulting in a patients decrease in the waiting room. This, together with the optimization of resources and services at the counters, made possible to halve the time of acceptance even for patients who access through traditional channels - for which the waiting passes from an average of 45 minutes to an estimated time of 20 minutes.

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