SAN RAFFAELE HOSPITAL: New Cancer surgery management


IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital is a clinical-scientific university of international importance for highly specialized on many important diseases. In 2014 it was carried out a total of about 35,000 surgeries, 50,950 admissions, 895,000 outpatient and more than 63,500 ER visit. The San Raffaele Hospital is an Emergency Centre for High Specialty (EAS).


Manage routes linked to cancer patients in recursive treatment and consisting of several "stages" in the same day (examinations, medical consultations and therapies).


With the MR-You Enterprise® is possible to regulate the citizens flow through a queuing system activated by the acceptance counters; the system integration allows the patient to go to the outpatient waiting room and be called directly from doctor. All patients booked for the operation pass, in the first place, through the acceptance and subsequently are queued to the testing room or directly on the infusion. With the same ticket go to outpatient area where it will be called directly by the doctor to perform a checkup or directly to the infusion therapy. The ticket contains information on how to reach the waiting rooms that are located on different floors, also dedicated monitors for the different stages of the route, allow patients to wait for their turn in the same waiting room even if they belong to different "treatment programs”.


Balance workload at the counters led to a significant reduction of the expectations and also allowed a saving in terms of staff. In particular by implementing a clear "therapeutic path" it was possible to allocate the nursing staff to activities with higher added value than addressing and patient acceptance.

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