A.O. Careggi Firenze: PRELIEVO AMICO


The University Hospital Careggi is the largest hospital in Florence, one of the largest in Italy, located in the Careggi, in the north of the city; it results from the integration of the health Tuscan system and University of Florence and is characterized by the performance welfare, teaching and research activities. It provides services for hospitalization, specialist outpatient and emergency activities and pursues the development of high specialization. In recent years, the hospital has expanded, incorporating in 2008 also the pediatric hospital Meyer in Florence.
Currently the University Hospital Careggi, is the largest in Tuscany, deployed over an area of 74 hectares, which employs 5,800 professionals, is a city dedicated to health and is considered one of the centers of excellence of the Italian health.


In conjunction with the expansion of the facility and the renovation of the entire information system, the University Hospital Careggi felt the need to create a tool of reception and expectations management in order to minimize the inefficiencies caused by the extend waiting times at Laboratories. The aim was twofold, optimize the flow management of users queuing at the counters and provide patients the ability to reset the time lost in waiting their turn through the web booking.


Artexe has provided its expertise to design and implement a system that will allow the user to choose between the two channels of access to the laboratories:
- DIRECT ACCESS: Through the module Laboratory of platform MR-YOU Enterprise® was possible to manage patients in the waiting room optimally and orderly reducing the time and raising the quality of service.
-          ACCESS BY RESERVATION: through the innovative PRELIEVO AMICO, it is possible booking online the access according to time slots scheduled that guarantee the annulment of waiting times. The users, through the website of the hospital, the mobile application (Smart Hospital) or totems located at the entrance of the waiting room have the option of receiving their booking confirmation both email and SMS.

The first solution allows an efficient management of access to thelaboratories and detailed monitoring of queues status in the waiting room.
The second one allows to the system administrator (hospital) the creation and management of times slot bookable online to optimize access to the analisis center, besides a punctual monitoring of the situation through real-time reporting; and, secondly, it allows users (patients) after registration with a username and password, to manage in complete autonomy their reservations by choosing times to them more congenial to nullify waiting times.


Of the 600 daily users managed by the analisis center, in a few weeks it moved from 30 reservations made online per day to the current 100 with significant reduction in expectations for who does the direct access. The hospital reported that in the next months, since the enthusiasm of users, will be increased the number of slots booked.

As further proof of the utility of the proposed solution, after a trial period of a few weeks, the University Hospital Careggi has decided to expand the PRELIEVO AMICO service to other agendas, so users can now use the service to: booking withdrawals, delivering biological samples, plasma insulin and glucose curves moniting or getting medical reports
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