Case History

Artexe has the ambition to be measured on the objectives achieved and therefore on the results for the structure, both in terms of improving the quality of reception towards the citizen and from the view of the efficiency of the process, which determines as a consequence the return on investment.

Each project becomes a case history and our references speak for us. Hundreds of solutions operating throughout Italy in the health sector alone make of Artexe the Italian reality most innovative and specialised in this area. We would be happy to provide you with further details in a meeting with our specialists or in one of the several workshops where we participate.

LABORATORIO ANALISI VALDES: a success story in HealthCare

The Laboratorio Valdès, founded in 1975, was the first private facility in Sardinia to deal with histology and cytology diagnostics. Today is a complete multi-purpose structure, involved on prevention, clinical diagnostics, instrumental and laboratory, microbiology, histopathology and occupational medicine with 40,000 patients each year(EAS).

SAN RAFFAELE HOSPITAL: New Cancer surgery management


IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital is a clinical-scientific university of international importance for highly specialized on many important diseases. In 2014 it was carried out a total of about 35,000 surgeries, 50,950 admissions, 895,000 outpatient and more than 63,500 ER visit. The San Raffaele Hospital is an Emergency Centre for High Specialty (EAS).

A.O. Desio Vimercate: Self-Service 24h Totem


The Hospital of Desio and Vimercate, composed of five hospitals, is integrated within the regional health system, exercising its functions of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the health status of the population, to develop research and training. The new hospital of Vimercate, real jewel of the company, designed by the architect. Mario Botta and built in just three years, spread over three floors above ground and two underground, with a total area of 113,000 square meters, it is open to the public since October 2010.
Architecture, technology and organization are all aimed to put the patient at the center of the logistic, diagnostic and therapeutic routes; for this reason the assistance is organized according to the intensity of care. The structure is considered among the 7 Italian hospitals more computerized and in 2014 HIMMS Europe has awarded the level 6 (on a scale from 0 to 7), as regards the digitization.

A.O. Careggi Firenze: PRELIEVO AMICO


The University Hospital Careggi is the largest hospital in Florence, one of the largest in Italy, located in the Careggi, in the north of the city; it results from the integration of the health Tuscan system and University of Florence and is characterized by the performance welfare, teaching and research activities. It provides services for hospitalization, specialist outpatient and emergency activities and pursues the development of high specialization. In recent years, the hospital has expanded, incorporating in 2008 also the pediatric hospital Meyer in Florence.
Currently the University Hospital Careggi, is the largest in Tuscany, deployed over an area of 74 hectares, which employs 5,800 professionals, is a city dedicated to health and is considered one of the centers of excellence of the Italian health.

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